Taste the Freshness

As we all know, food is a part of our life.   As a restaurant, the most important thing is to ensure our customer served by clean and fresh food.  We deal with all the ingredients carefully.   Before we are cooking, all the meat has to be washout by the running water at least eight hours, and clean the blood by soda water.   Otherwise, our vegetables and fruits are getting from the farm and Ontario Food Terminal of the day, to make you feel “Fresh Everyday”!

Our experienced chef helped us setup the “Fresh Everyday”.  He is the expert of the food, and he cooked for embassy in Australia and New Zealand.  After lived in Toronto few month, he found that lots of restaurants are use food additives, like MSG, ephedrine, even the shell of the opium.  After all of these, we decide to start a brand new restaurant which has no food additives at all, and to pay more attention on the health of our customers.

About us

Fresh everyday restaurant is located the City of Markham, at the plaza of Highway 7 and Kennedy Road.  Our proposes are provide the best service and the fastest in bringing dishes to your place, no matter you are at home, school, or office.  The customer’s satisfaction is our motivation.

We can make your life much easier.